#014 Greg Ellis and prolific voice actor Lex Lang in conversation


Greg Ellis and Lex Lang discuss voice acting, the audition process, the relationship between philosophy and the artist, sound verbal behavior, the ABC’s of Alive coaching, Iain McGilchrist’s film The Divided Brain, meditation techniques and the comparative state of (anti) social media.


02:18 Lex Lang’s journey to become a performer. 

12:02 Loop Groups, Community and identity politics. 

16:55 Examples of the Voices in Lex Lang’s head. (Batman, Dr. Neo Cortex, Curious George)

19:32 Technology changed the audition process. 

22:48 Philosophy and the artist.

29:25 Mix Picard and silence.

32:46 The Global Wellness Institute and destigmatization of the word mental.

39:22 Sound Verbal Behavior with clip of Maximus Pepperkamp.

45:06 Alive Coaching A, B, C’s. Art in flow, Business of show, Craft in process. 

47:03 Brain Hemispheres. Jordan Peterson and Iain McGilchrist’s YouTube talk on The Divided Brain.

48:34 The Divided Brain & The Making of the Western World with animated clip of Iain McGilchrist. 

55:50 Art in flow, flow states, felt senses and Akira the Don. 

56:36 Alan Watts quote about going ‘out of your mind.’

59:12 Meditation techniques and the meaning of life. 

1:06:30 Facebook and the comparative state of social media. 

About Lex Lang

Lex Lang is a voice actor, and Chopra Center University Meditation Instructor, who has been voicing characters in Animation, Video Games, Anime, and Hollywood Blockbusters for over 24 years. Some of his iconic roles are Dr. Neo Cortex in The Crash Bandicoot franchise, Major Vonreg in Star Wars Resistance, and Wargreymon in Digimon, among hundreds of other well known characters including Batman, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Dr. Doom and many more. He is also a Los Angeles based meditation instructor and has been teaching primordial sound meditation since 2014.