Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Established in 2014, Monkey Toes is an innovative full service film, television and commercial production company and ideation lab based in Los Angeles.

Film & Television Production


Under the Monkey Toes banner, Ellis wrote, directed and produced the Sky TV special Marked, starring Kiefer Sutherland and Stephen Fry.

Stephen Fry and Kiefer Sutherland as you’ve never seen them before.
Marked follows the story of James (Sutherland), a seemingly regular guy who’s been ground down by the pressures of work, family, money and life. Drowning in debt, James hits crisis point and in his desperation agrees upon an unlikely opportunity to make some easy money.
His disgruntled neighbour asks him to do a ‘hit’ on a man in return for a large amount of cash. Agreeing to his demands, James arrives at the man’s house and sets out to incapacitate his victim. But before he passes the point of no return, he discovers that things aren’t quite as they seem. Instead of the mark, he is confronted with the last person (Fry) he expects to see.
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“To see Kiefer playing such an incompetent character is just blissful. Someone who doesn’t know how to load a gun, someone who doesn’t know how to climb a gate or do anything… just makes me weep with joy.”

Stephen Fry

Marked Trailer

Keiefer & Stephen Discuss Marked

Kiefer & Stephen Talk Character

The Man

Ellis associate-produced the sky television drama The Man starring Hayley Atwell, Stephen Fry, Stellan Skarsgård and Zoe Wanamaker and directed by Ian Softely.

Commercial Production


Ellis produced and directed three commercials for Mindbody.

In Development

Projects in various stages of development include:

Ritual Quest


Created by Andy Bishop & Greg Ells

With the pioneering spirit of Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg, Greg quests around the world to document those kindred moments within world culture that provide meaning and celebrate the diversity and richness within the human spirit.

Everything Eventually Connects

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Dick Turpin & The Gregory Gang

Event Series

Created by Greg Ellis

A six-part period gangster mini-series based on England’s most notorious criminal and member of London’s first organized gang.

[Sample scene written by Ellis]

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Written & created by Mackenzie Crook & Greg Ellis

This quirky Scottish comedic porridge of Hot Fuzz, Local Hero and Waking Ned Devine has two pranksters attempting to save their town from financial ruin with a little help from a big legend, The Loch Ness Monster.

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How would you react if you saw a ghost in your home?

“Soon after Jay Parker moves into an old block of flats, he fears he’s losing his mind when he sees ghosts. He soon realizes that they are desperately trying to tell him a story…
The unnerving story of Acol Heights.”

Acol Heights


Written & created by Mackenzie Crook & Greg Ellis

ACOL HEIGHTS is a brooding paranormal thriller serialised for television. Set in the present day, the apartment block Acol Heights is a magnet for lost souls and eclectic characters in the mold of Rosemary’s Baby or Twin Peaks.

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