Andrea Romano talks with Greg Ellis (Part 3)

Iconic voice director and 8 time Emmy award winner Andrea Romano talks intimately with Greg Ellis about her life and career in this expansive and revealing three episode special to launch the series.

Andrea discusses her career break at Hanna Barbera and shares insights and anecdotes from ‘behind the glass’ about the myriad of famous voices she’s recorded from cartoon classics like The Flintstones to animated series like SpongeBob Squarepants.

How did Buddy Hackett inspire her to stop smoking? Why did Carol Channing wear only a bra and epaulettes recording Ducktales? Who does she consider to be the most versatile voice actor she’s ever worked with (and why he fell off his stool during a session) and just how did Ben Stein become the hero of his neighborhood after working on Batman with her?

She dispels some misconceptions about Long Island and what it was like growing up in Flanders, New York in the 60’s, and tackles taboo subjects like racial equity in voice casting and the challenges of recording offensive dialogue on shows like The Boondocks (and it’s expressed use of the ‘n-word’) and even takes a vocal trip down memory lane to sing the theme tune of the classic cartoon series Top Cat.

All this and so much more on this illuminating three-part special series opener of The Voices in my Head.

*Warning: Adult language.