Ep. 25 – Andrew Sullivan – Part 1/2

Aired: March 28, 2021

Andrew Sullivan is a British-born American author, editor, and blogger. A political commentator, and former editor of The New Republic, Sullivan is the author or editor of six books. He started a political blog, The Daily Dish, in 2000, and eventually moved his blog to platforms, including Time, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, and finally an independent subscription-based format Substack.

In part 1 of 2 of this conversation, Greg Ellis and Andrew Sullivan talk about Andrew’s upbringing in the UK, Andrew’s experience discovering and becoming comfortable with his sexuality, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the role of black humor in suffering, the crisis of victimhood, social media, masculinity, family and other topics.

Check back for part 2 of the interview with Andrew Sullivan to hear about Andrew’s thoughts on the New York Times and the future of legacy media. They also play a little game called, The Philosophical Q…

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