Ep. 15 – Kevin McNally

Aired: December 20, 2020

In this exclusive 2-hour special episode, Kevin McNally reveals the latest news about Pirates 6, meeting the “cold and calculated” Amber Heard while filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in Australia and speaks out in support of “beautiful human being” Johnny Depp whom he’s known for 22 years.

Kevin and Greg (Joshamee Gibbs and Lieutenant Commander Theodore Groves in The Pirates of The Caribbean film series) discuss Judge Andrew Nichol’s recent ruling in the high court libel case Johnny brought against The Sun Newspaper in London and the resultant appeal, and they share their opinion regarding Johnny Depp’s chances of success in the upcoming $50million libel case against Amber Heard, set to be heard in a Virginia, USA courtroom on May 21, 2021.

The ‘Groves and Gibbs’ actors also share anecdotes (and personal videos from set) about what it was like filming the Pirates of the Caribbean movies on location around the globe; the first read through at The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, the creation of Jack Sparrow and Disney Studios nervousness, behind the scenes shenanigans with Bill Nighy at the Disneyland premiere inside Club 33, the creative differences between Ted Elliot (screenwriter) and Johnny Depp, and Kevin’s epic table-topping karaoke performance on location in Kauai.

The actors also discuss politics, cancel culture, divorce court, false accusations of domestic violence against men, advice for young actors and a whole lot more in this riveting 2-hour episode of The Respondent.