Depp vs Heard (with False Amber Alerts)

Why is Johnny Depp taking Amber Heard to court? Just who is really on trial? And why am I publicly supporting him when it’s probably career suicide for me?...

Depp vs Heard (with False Amber Alerts)

Depp vs Heard (with False Amber Alerts) 150 150 Greg Ellis


Johnny Depp has taken The Sun newspaper to court for defamation, after they published the words “Johnny Depp: Wife Beater” without any signed affidavit from Amber or evidence of the accusation. Just hearsay, or ‘Heard Say.’ 

On July 2nd Judge Andrew Nicol rejected the attempt by The Sun Newspaper to quash the libel suit, and reliable sources in the British media are telling me, off the record, that not only do the press corps believe Johnny Depp, that internally, The Sun newspaper believe this case is lost, and, more tellingly, that the managing editors of most of the tabloid, compact and possibly even broadsheet media are extremely nervous about the ramifications for them if the Sun newspaper loses this case. 

This trial could change the face of British reporting and establishment law, providing much needed relief for celebrities and citizens alike. Amber Heard took the witness stand and was cross-examined by one of the worlds most formidable and foremost legal experts on domestic violence. She gave evidence for 3 days. That was after having been in court every day of the trial thus far, even though she is not a party to Jonny’s suit. 

I believe this defamation trial is merely a pre-emptive strike back by Johnny and his team, before the bigger battle that’s set to be waged in the American courtroom, where he is suing Amber Heard for $50 million. 

So why is Johnny Depp taking Amber Heard to court? Just who is really on trial? And why am I publicly supporting him when it’s probably career suicide for me?

I believe Amber Heard rode the wave of the #MeToo movement, riddled Johnny with the silver bullet strategy of high conflict divorce, ripped his reparation to shreds like a savage and Johnny’s fighting the Quick Draw of Amber’s file and fire first and ask questions later strategy by responding in the High Court. 

Think about this…

When their marriage dissolved, Johnny Depp became the Respondent. 

Amber Heard was the Petitioner – the person who files first in Family Law. 

Positioning herself as The Petitioner – firming up her position with legal retention – is the game set and match that sparks family warfare in the star chambers of family law courtrooms and enables unscrupulous law firms, attorneys, and all the family law scavengers to plant their own money trees at the expense of families, forsaken fathers. The cash and prizes in the middle of this 3 ringed circus? Children. 

Johnny Depp adores Jack and Lily Rose. They are the meaning of his life. And family law all too often uses, and abuses our children as pawns. Johnny  is The Respondent, defending himself and his children against a most uncivil war over kids and cash. He’s valiantly attempting to protect his reputation legacy in the eyes of his children, while having been gutted by Amber Heard and the unrelenting PC and identity politics armada on the most radical ends of the #MeToo spectrum will stop at nothing. They have no mercy.

In legal parlance a respondent is a person who is called upon to issue a response to a communication made by a petitioner. The term is used in legal contexts and in psychological conditioning. A petitioner is a person who gathers signatures for psychological conditioning initiatives to present to an authority for a particular cause.

Amber made Johnny the scapegoat: a person who is blamed for the faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.

She became the reputation savage: a ‘face saving’ person or ‘malignant disparagement strategy’ that attempts to psychologically recondition the beliefs or opinions about someone.

Her ammunition? Silver Bullets: Simple, seemingly magical, solutions to difficult problems.

And in the court of public opinion and family law, that silver bullet has had men in the crosshairs for too long now.

I’m calling out a #TimesUp on #Metoo

I’m introducing a new hashtag. 

To honor The Respondent Jack Sparrow And our filmic journey together I’m calling it #TheCode????‍☠️

Plant your Flag????‍☠️ Hoist your color high????‍☠️ Signal your support from the crows nest????‍☠️

Start sharing this new flag of honor. Let’s flash strike back to support Johnny Depp in his massive family law war battle. 

Together we can honor all our fallen fathers, forgotten fathers, forsaken fathers, lost children, lost boys and help unerase fathers from the family unit. 

Please support my drive for the expulsion of The Silver Bullet of High Conflict Divorce Strategy & the Magic Ballistics of Family Law War across the globe. 

Plant your flag today. 

Hoist your colors high. 

Speak your truth. 

Spread the cipher of the code. 

Rid family law of its legal bounty. 

Blow up this plundering of family estates. 

We are all The Respondents. 

The cash cow of domestic violence needs to become extinct, so that the real sufferers of domestic violence, the real victims, can be seen more clearly – not Heard with false Amber Alerts. 

A senior reporter from The Times of London pushed back in my interview with her recently. “But Amber Heard gave all the money she received from the divorce to charity,” she said. 

USA Today wrote that Heard eventually donated her share of the divorce settlement, about $7 million, to a charity focused on fighting domestic abuse of women. In addition to her thriving acting career she then became an ambassador on women’s rights for the American Civil Liberties Union and a spokesperson for domestic violence.

If evidence is to be believed, Amber Heard became a spokesperson for domestic violence at the same time she was committing acts of domestic violence.

That’s hardly charitable… and mostly hypocritical.