At the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker lie the bones and wreckage of #METOO

At the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker lie the bones and wreckage of #METOO

At the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker lie the bones and wreckage of #METOO 1080 1080 Respondent User

The Dadvocate

How are we expected to ‘believe all women’ when all men are not provided the same presumption of innocence that criminals get? In the courts of family law, two people enter the courtroom.
When they leave, one is a parent, the other is a visitor.
Typically its fathers who are left stranded on the deserted island or worse, and the greatest collateral damage is to our children – their split psyche’s desperately scrambled as they comprehend how to navigate new tribal allegiances, which tribe to trust, which parent to patriate with, and they are ushered way too soon into adultification by adults behaving badly.
Why do we seek out partners who are emotionally unavailable in the first place? We seek out partners who are emotionally unavailable because they remind us of one of our parents. And the collective Jungian animus has recently risen, their toxic feminist voices drowning out the more reasonable, rational minded among us. They have become the gatekeepers of our moral compass. 

 Enter The Respondent

And with some of the more radical feminists within the #METOO movement pushing this unfair agenda of guilty until proven more guilty, judging men in the court of public opinion with the rallying cry “ALL MEN BAD”.
There has been no redemptive map – for it has been inflamed by #METOO – and for men to navigate these treacherous waters disoriented, no compass. We often find ourselves at the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker, submerged, shipwrecked, gasping for air.

#SmashTheMatriarchy? NO!

Is it any wonder that many people are now beginning to question the merits of and the motives behind some of the women within the #METOO movement. The family code book has been pillaged and plundered by the #METOO #TOXICMASCULINITY #SAMSHTHEPATRIARCHY mobs and they have ideologically skewed society’s views on traditional family values. Men no longer seem to matter.
We are seeing this play out before our eyes with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. It was/is assumed he is guilty because he is a man. It is assumed a woman is not capable of domestic violence. It is presumed that the man is capable of domestic violence. Our central tenants of presumption of innocence have been expunged in the familial courts of public opinion, and our apology pathways are blocked by #cancelculture for any and all minor slip ups or mild transgressions.

 Dead Broke Dad’s Tell No Tales

So just who is benefiting financially from smashing the patriarchy and promoting the boondoggle of domestic violence? How much money do attorneys and targeting parents make from promoting family breakdown? It’s clear the #METOO movement has found the treasure map. Right now American divorce is a $55 billion cash cow. So how can we withstand the silver bullets that have had men, fathers and boys so centered in the cross-hairs in recent times? How can we stem the tidal waves of criticism and relieve families from this affliction of attorney addiction within family law? Is it #TimesUp for #METOO? Is it time for #MENTOO?

Episode 3 of The Respondent

This Sunday, July 19th, at 1:00 p.m.
Pacific Time, #MENTOO pioneer, men’s right activist, Bettina Arndt & trailblazing anti-feminist Professor Janice Fiamengo join me on my video podcast series, The Respondent, to discuss just this. We expose Amber Heard’s METOO playbook. Professor Janice Fiamengo joins after the episode for a special live Q&A.