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October 2019

Artistic Musings: Wolfcrow

Artistic Musings: Wolfcrow 1400 1400 Greg Ellis

Our first date was dinner at a quaint local restaurant over three and a half years ago. The food was somewhat bland. The tablecloths were paper. After paying the bill I wrote her name on the paper table cloth. She reciprocated, writing mine. Then we both started writing, drawing anything that came into our minds eye – lyrics, poetry, images, symbols, mind maps of meaning, hopes, fears, dreams, beliefs, nothing was off limits.

When it was time to leave I rolled up the paper and took it with me as a keepsake. This became a tradition at every dinner. We’d interchange spoken conversation with writing down our thoughts and spontaneous strikes of sudden inspiration onto the paper tablecloths. The collection of ‘thought tapestries’ was growing as our relationship evolved. 

We created pen names for each other during our art dinners. She The Wolf. I the Crow. One day, unbeknownst to me, she took the lyrical paper tablecloths, ripped them into pieces and layered them on a canvas. Using charcoal she drew an image of me inspired by a photograph she had taken some weeks previously. The resultant piece of art, Food for Thought, is priceless to me, and I used it as cover art for my first book of poetry, The Knewledge

The Knewledge | Cover art by Wolfcrow

Legal Street Art

Over time we became inspired to create more art on a larger scale. After dating for a few months we decided to plaster the side of a building with her photography and my poetry.

Street art by Wolfcrow

Our next project was the inside of a large commercial space. Our joint artistic venture of ‘legal street art’ inspired us to form an artistic partnership. We officially named it Wolfcrow because of the ease of our creative worCfloW.

Street Art by Wolfcrow

Acoustic Alchemy

As Wolfcrow, we started creating more artwork in more manageable mediums with the same simple process that evolved from when we first met. She would paint a picture, I would add prose. These ‘Paint & Prose’ epigrammatic artworks were free associative expression, our dynamic alchemy of text and imagery. Our conjured moments of genesis capturing our ideas in progress, revealing our individual and combined creative thoughts through which we achieve meaning. Instinctual impulses that lie dormant beneath rational thought, or as I like to call it – Art in Flow – when we coach our preconsciousness alive, or Alive Coach. The artworks tell the story of our relationship history, our shared personal and professional triumphs and disappointments over the course of our time together, and way long before we met, all fluidly recorded in art form.

Once completed, we took the finished pieces and transferred them to canvas prints, hand-stretched on poly-cotton blend canvas with a matte finish coating. The culmination of our creative worCfloW  inspired the name for our artistic alchemy – Wolfcrow. (It derived from the etymological semordnilap of ‘worcflow’.)

This first collection is called ‘Paint & Prose’ by Wolfcrow, and is available at the online Store.

Art Kuyashii

I’ve always lived by the credo of Kuyashi, using the words of doubters as energy to succeed.

My art teacher at school was my ’Art Kuyashii,’ although it took me around forty years to realize it. At primary school I remember being shoved into a corner of the room by him to doodle by myself. I traced characters from a series of books called ‘Mr. Men’ by Roger Hargreaves. Copying someone else’s artwork instilled a lack of artistic creativity in my belief system that I was never any good at art.

“We have two lives. The second one begins the moment we realize we only have one life” – Nothing In Between

The more we tell ourselves that we ‘aren’t any good’ at something, the more we start to believe our ‘inner critic’ and stifle our potential. Sometimes a simple offering of encouragement to another can help shift ones negative self-perspective and instill new belief. My quote book Nothing In Between is a testament to that.

Artists are meaning seekers. Sense makers of feelings, interpreters of emotions, affective communicators of imagination. We are forever healing our own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, ‘an artist chooses his subjects: that is the way he praises.’  This blog is an homage to my artistic muse. The wolf to my crow…

My art kuyashii lay dormant in my mind for decades then re-appeared some forty years later. Inspiring me to use his doubting words as energy to succeed. I re-imagined my artistic self-perspective by silencing the inner-critic of my own mind to write poetry, quotes and enigmatic epigrams as soul nourishment.

“If God exists in Every Thing,  then God exists in No Thing,  and everything In Between.”

I fell in love with creating works of art when I fell in love with an artist. She became my artistic muse, cauterizing the wounds my art teacher had left by encouraging me to express my artistry in new mediums. Our Wolf & Crow artistic alchemy happened by accident, on a first date at a quaint local restaurant with bland food and paper tablecloths.